Broken Whistle

Big Stage

Date: Saturday, July 29th
Time: 1:15 pm

Broken Whistle is a traditional Celtic band based in Spokane, WA. With three fiddles, an upright bass, rich vocal harmonies, and a wide variety of acoustic instrument combinations, Broken Whistle loves to share the grace and energy of the Celts with its audiences wherever it goes. The band emphasizes the variety in Celtic music, from gentle, sad ballads, to sparkling jigs and other dance tunes, with everything between. All five players— David McGuire (guitar, vocals, “blowy-thingies”), Chris Reichert (lead vocals, fiddle, assorted plucked strings), Kelcey Hanson (fiddle, mandolin, beat boxing), Justus Morgan (all things percussion), and Ella Wilkinson (fiddle, upright bass)—continue to grow in passion and skill, and invite the audience to join them on the journey.