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Celtic Festival Missoula

Celtic Festival Missoula is an annual celebration of great Celtic culture, focusing on music, dance and food. Our mission is to perpetuate Celtic culture and to introduce the culture to future generations in Montana. The festival presents the culture both in its historical form, and as it has evolved into new and modern forms, such as Celtic Rock. This great tradition is alive and we celebrate it with abandon through Celtic Festival Missoula.

The connection of Western Montana to the Celtic lands and its people has a rich history. It is only proper that those of us who have benefitted from this rich historic culture now dedicate a great celebration to the Celtic peoples annually to enliven our spirits, enrich the soul and satisfy the longing within.

Celtic Festival Missoula

The Celtic Festival Missoula operates on a non-profit basis, with the proceeds after expenses going to charity, including the Friends of Irish Studies Program. The Friends of the Irish Studies Program supports the University of Montana’s Irish Studies Program. As one of the few such programs in the United States, through this donation we can furthermore serve to educate and spread this great Celtic heritage.

The festival features a wide diversity of performers and styles. The food vendors and their menus are selected with great care. If you attend, the day promises to be exciting and one you will thoroughly enjoy.

Celtic Festival Missoula takes place in beautiful Caras Park in Missoula, alongside the Clark Fork River. Admission is Free. Next year's Celtic Festival Missoula is scheduled for Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25, 2015. Please join us. If you would like to volunteer for the event please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Sláinte !